Cirro 16 ReArming Kit (RK-16)


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This re-arm kit is appropriate for use with all Cirro16 Belt Pack PFDs

Every time your Bluestorm inflatable life jacket is submerged in water and automatically inflates, you’ll need to replace the CO2 cartridge. Our 16-gram CO2 cylinder rearm kit for the Cirro16 Belt Pack collection, features all the supplies you need to re-arm your Bluestorm life jacket and get back out on the water.


The RK-16 Re-Arm Kit, with a 16-gram CO2 cylinder is compatible with all Bluestorm® Cirro16 manual belt packs. The Bluestorm® RK-16 contains all the part you need to easily re-arm your life jacket and get back on the water quickly. All Bluestorm® inflatable life jackets feature an internal pocket to store a spare cylinder, just in case you need it. So remember to pick up an extra kit for your life jacket.


  • 16-gram CO2 cylinder with 3/8” thread
  • Halkey-Roberts Green Indicator Clip
  • Rearming instructions


  • Leland re-arming kit part number: V87000-82123Z
  • Please review and follow additional maintenance instructions in your Cirro 16 Owner’s Manual


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