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Bluestorm Gear has 85-plus years of experience as a company making life jackets that are precision-made with premium materials. We are committed to user safety and life-saving products that account for all aspects of water recreation, including angling, sailing and paddling.

Let our passion for life on the water keep your passion for fishing and recreational water activities safe and strong.

What Makes Bluestorm Different from Other Life Jacket Companies?

There are a lot of life jacket companies to choose from, but Bluestorm takes pride in producing the best high-quality, life-saving inflatable life jackets that have been tested and approved by the United States Coast Guard.

Bluestorm is a leading PFD company and manufacturer in part, because each precision-made inflatable lifejacket sold is inflated for 24 hours before being shipped to the customer to ensure it inflates and works properly after the manufacturing process. Get the full experience while on the water, knowing you will be safe in one of our life jackets.

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U.S. Coast Guard Approved

Every Bluestorm self-inflating life jacket has been tested and approved by the U.S. Coast Guard, providing you with peace of mind. Enjoy safety in a high-performance inflatable life jacket, which has been manufactured and tested by Bluestorm to account for high-risk and deep water situations.

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High-Quality, Comfortable Materials

Bluestorm is among the best life jacket companies because, while safety is paramount, comfort is also key. Our lightweight buoyant designs can be forgotten about until you hit the water. Bluestorm utilizes comfortable memory foam and neoprene collars in each of our inflatable life jackets, making it so you will be comfortable and won’t feel the need to rub, scratch or itch at your skin due to irritation.

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Built For All Experiences

Wear our company’s versatile life jackets knowing they have been handcrafted for a wide range of water activities, including fishing, sailing, kayaking and general boating. In fact, Bluestorm has several life jacket designs meant for different weather and water conditions, ensuring you will be protected no matter which water activity you are passionate about.

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Explore Your Passion for the Water With Bluestorm Gear

Trust our experts to outfit you with our inflatable life jackets that are U.S. Coast Guard tested and approved. Bluestorm is a life jacket company and manufacturer that takes pride in developing and testing each of our high-quality, life-saving products with the utmost care. Browse our products to ensure you are safe and comfortable in one of our premium life jackets the next time you’re on the water.

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