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Bluestorm Inflatable Life Jackets for Sailing

Bluestorm Gear inflatable life jackets aren’t just great for fishing, they’re also wonderful for sailing. Hit the open water safely and comfortably wearing one of Bluestorm’s inflatable life jackets for sailing. All our PFDs are precision-made, inspected and are inflated for 24 hours just before being shipped to your door to ensure product quality and safety. Each design we supply has been U.S. Coast Guard tested and approved.


sailing wearing bluestorm life jacket

How do I choose a life jacket for sailing?

You can face a variety of challenges while out sailing, which Bluestorm has accounted for in the manufacturing of its sailing life jackets. Whether day sailing or offshore sailing, you want to be protected from all the elements and conditions you may face by wearing a sailing life jacket that has been engineered for comfort and safety.

Here is what to look for when choosing a life jacket for sailing:

  • Whether sailing offshore or enjoying a casual day on the lake or river, safety and comfort are critical. Wearing a high-quality inflatable PFD, rather than a foam life jacket, boosts comfort without sacrificing safety features.
  • Precision-made PFDs with built-in features and customization fit securely and are so comfortable you might forget you are wearing one until you need it.
  • Having a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket for sailing provides peace of mind while knowing you’re protected from the worst nature may send your way.
  • Conditions on the water can become treacherous in a hurry, so having a PFD that has been individually crafted and inspected ensures you get the performance you need when it matters most.

 What makes Bluestorm PFDs the best inflatable life jackets for sailing?

Bluestorm Gear has U.S. Coast Guard-approved Type II and Type V inflatable life jackets that are precision-made and terrific for sailing. Bluestorm offers a range of high-buoyancy vests, from 26 lbs all the way up to 40 lbs. Bluestorm’s inflatable sailing life jackets have up to twice the buoyancy of standard foam life jackets, without the bulk, making them the best inflatable life jackets for sailing.

Is a Bluestorm life jacket okay for offshore sailing?

Sailing offshore in saltwater typically comes with facing more difficult conditions, making it necessary to account for higher waves and stronger winds. It’s critical to protect yourself by wearing a life-saving offshore sailing life jacket, like Bluestorm’s Stratus 35, Atmos 40 or Arcus 40.

All three life jackets are feature-rich and are suitable for offshore sailing. The Stratus 35, with 35 lbs of buoyancy, offers comfortable protection at a reasonable price. The Atmos 40 and Arcus 40, both with 40 lbs of buoyancy, are ready for the worst conditions. They are both Type II sailing life jackets that have the same bladder and inflation mechanisms. The Arcus 40, with its advanced shell design, was engineered with commercial and offshore sailors in mind, so it can handle anything the average sailor or fisherman needs.

What Bluestorm inflatable life jackets are the best for sailing?

What is the best life jacket for sailing? In addition to the Stratus 35, Atmos 40 and Arcus 40, which are meant for sailing in offshore conditions, Bluestorm also offers the Cirrus 26 which has features that make it appropriate for day sailing and fresh-water excursions. Cirrus 26 models have 26 lbs of buoyancy, are lightweight and have a slim profile. Though they are Type V inflatable life jackets, they come with Type III performance ensuring you will stay safe.