NEWS: April 2020 (COVID-19)
On behalf of our Bluestorm team and all our associates, I want to send thoughts and well wishes as you and the people important in your life navigate unsettling times. At Bluestorm we take the health of our customers and associates very seriously. Here are a few answers to common questions in regards to our operations, delivery and product care during COVID-19.

Are you still taking orders?
Yes, our website is online and our customer service team is available.

Are you still shipping orders?
Yes, our fulfillment centers are operating as normal with extra precautions taken for everyone's health and safety. Please be aware that some carriers are experiencing shipment delays, so your order might take a bit longer to get to you.

Are you still accepting returns?
Yes, visit our returns policy page to find out how. Please note that our return processing is a little slower during this time. We thank you for your patience.

Are you still available via email and phone?
Yes we are. The customer service team is working remotely to answer questions.

How are you ensuring the health and safety of your employees?
The fulfillment center, is practicing the CDC's guidelines for social distancing, ramping up cleaning, and making sure hand washing and sanitizing supplies are available for everyone. We've also moved most of our office staff to work remotely to keep everyone safe. We miss each other so much!

What do I do if I think my life jacket has been exposed to a virus?
Please follow The Life Jacket Association (LJA) advice we have provide here.  For more information on the LJA please visit their website at If you think your product has been exposed to a virus, clean as recommended and then let dry in warm, low humidity environment for at least 72 hours before reuse.

How to clean your inflatable life jacket.
Remove the CO2 cylinder and if an automatic device, remove yellow bobbin, Hand wash in warm soapy water, using mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly with clear water. Hang dry in a well-ventilated area - away from direct sunlight and/or heat sources. Ensure life jacket is completely dry before re-arming, repacking or stowing away. Do NOT machine wash or dry, commercial dry-clean or use solvent-based cleaners or bleach.

Inherently buoyant PFDs (foam) are cleaned in the same manner except they may be fully submerged.

If you must reuse your product within 72 hours, the following precautionary guidance is suggested.

  • COVID-19 virus may exist 3 days on or in clothing.  Virus can exist longer on porous surfaces.
  • Synthetic fabrics, plastic and metal surfaces may harbor the virus longer.
  • Buckles, zippers, other hardware and hook/loop fasteners (e.g. Velcro®) are hard to clean due to crevasses and metal/plastic construction.
  • Using 60 – 90% solutions of alcohol sprayed/wetted on these components is acceptable.
  • Avoid spraying inflatables with specific disinfectants that are detrimental to the fabric. e.g. bleach-based products.
  • Do not machine launder life jackets.
  • Life jackets should be hand-washed with gloved hands – wash as hot as possible (< 60C) to kill virus.
  • Ensuring complete drying is critical, heated air drying is encouraged < 60C
  • Virus likes moisture and can survive in cold – virus dies by drying out and by heat, which some fibers can enhance.
  • This pandemic is a new challenge and it is truly not known how all materials and the virus respond to laundry.
  • If hang to air dry, allow 72 hours (3 days) before reuse. 
  • Do not share garments.

 DISCLAIMER: Remember it is not possible to carry out or guarantee complete disinfection, the goal is to minimize risk.


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Bluestorm™ was born of a long family history - over 85 years spent creating life-saving personal flotation devices. As we grow our product family, we look forward to telling our story to even more on-the-water enthusiasts, all while keeping them safe.

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