How to Don a Life Jacket | Life Jacket Donning Instructions

Bluestorm Inflatable Life Jacket (PFD) Donning Instructions

You won’t be safe unless you wear your lifejacket properly. By donning your inflatable lifejacket correctly, automatic CO2 inflation is quick, easy, safe and comfortable. A poor or incorrect fit will affect performance, cause discomfort, and could result in injury.

Note that Bluestorm Gear provides life jacket donning instructions with images, sewn into the back of all our inflatable PFDs. Additional information and images for donning a life jacket are provided below.

Your Bluestorm life jacket also came with a manual with donning instructions when purchased. If you need a new one, you can download it from our website by tapping the link for your respective inflatable life jacket below.

How to don a life jacket inflatable PDF donning instructions


How to Put on a Life Jacket: Step-by-Step Instructions

To don a Bluestorm life jacket, there are four steps to follow. To ensure safety, your vest should be worn over any clothing you plan to wear during its use. Do not wear your life jacket under any clothing, as it could lead to serious injury.

Step 1: Insert arms between straps and PFD

The first step to donning a life jacket is to insert your arms between the straps and the vest. Note the side with the lining, which has the donning instructions and UL label sewn into it, should be pressed against the body.

Donning life jacket inflatable PDF step 1

Step 2: Buckle to close

Buckle the vest to close. Note that your life jacket’s Jerk to Inflate Tab should be hanging at the bottom of the vest when looking down.

Donning life jacket inflatable PDF step 2

Step 3: Detach VELCRO® T-tab from waist belt

If your vest includes a Velcro T-tab or webbing keeper, detach the VELCRO® T-tab from the waist belt so that you will be able to adjust the fit.

Donning life jacket inflatable PDF step 3

Step 4: Adjust strap for a snug fit

Inspect your life jacket to be familiar with your adjustment options. Some life jackets have one-side adjustment and others have dual-side adjustments. Adjust your strap to tighten, ensuring the vest fits snug on you.

Donning life jacket inflatable PDF step 4

Common Questions When Donning a Life Jacket

Picking out a new life jacket should be fun and exciting. Not only are they for safety, but they also show off your aesthetic and how you want to look while out on the water. To help make sure you are wearing your new PFD properly, here are some common questions that users may ask when donning a life jacket.

How do you put on a life jacket properly?

Other than following the instructions for donning a life jacket posted above, there is some variance based on the person. Getting a life jacket that fits your body and recreation activity correctly is what’s key in determining how to properly wear a life jacket.

Should a life jacket be tight?

In order to maximize safety and comfort, your inflatable life jacket must be snug on you. Keep in mind that the vest will adjust in fit upon inflation. A snug fit will help keep the vest’s back collar from riding up onto the wearer’s neck.

The Final Step: Enjoy Your Time on the Water!

Whether you’re a good swimmer or can’t swim at all, donning a life jacket is critical in keeping you safe while on the water. Water conditions change quickly. With a comfortable inflatable PFD, you’re ready should the worst happen. And while conditions are good, you will be so comfortable you may even forget you’re wearing your new vest.

Now that you know how to put on a Bluestorm life jacket, find the right one for your favorite recreation activity with our Choosing the Right Life Jacket resource. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team.