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Arming Your Bluestorm Life Jacket

If you recently purchased an inflatable life jacket from Bluestorm Gear, you’re going to need to arm it before wearing it on the water. The arming process will ensure your life jacket will automatically inflate within seconds of being submerged, keeping you safe in a worst-case scenario.

All our Bluestorm inflatable PFDs have been inspected and tested prior to shipping. However, given there is a small chance your vest could inflate by accident while in transit, shipping carriers won’t allow us to ship them with the provided CO2 cylinder already installed in the vest’s inflation mechanism. Instead, we provide the CO2 cylinder in a pocket that is conveniently located inside the outer shell of your new life jacket.

Bluestorm Inflatable Life Jacket Arming Instructions

Wondering how to arm your PFD and ready to learn the process? Follow the steps below to get your Bluestorm inflatable life jacket from the box to the water. The process is quick and easy.

Step One: Remove the CO2 Canister From Its Packaging

An arming kit is included with the life jacket you purchased and is located in the pocket inside the outer shell of your life jacket. Remove the canister from its packaging. Note that the CO2 cylinder has an instruction pamphlet with instructions for how to install the cylinder if you want a paper copy to keep handy.

Step Two: Inspect the CO2 Cylinder

Before twisting the CO2 cylinder into your life jacket, visually inspect your new cylinder for any abrasion, rips, tears, or punctures that could prevent the device from activating inflation.

Step Three: Install the New Cylinder

If your CO2 cylinder seems to be in good condition, you should then install it into its housing by turning it clockwise into the CO2 chamber. It’s important to tighten by hand only. Once it has been tightly twisted into the chamber, if properly installed, the service indicator window on the shell should show green. Once the CO2 cylinder is properly installed, the service indicator on the inflation mechanism will show green, meaning your life jacket is ready for wear. 

Note that if you purchased a Cirrus 26 life jacket, there is a green arming clip included that should be installed on your inflation mechanism. If it’s missing, please inspect your PFD to make sure it’s not in the CO2 cylinder pocket, or that it didn't fall off during installation of the CO2 cylinder.


Prepare For Your Experience

If you went through the arming process and the service indicator displays red, or your CO2 canister is damaged, contact Bluestorm for help before hitting the water. Without proper arming, your life jacket won’t inflate when submerged. For the safest experience, practice wearing and adjusting your life jacket before heading out.

How to Buy a New CO2 Cylinder

Once your Bluestorm life jacket is submerged in water and automatically inflates, you will need to purchase a new CO2 canister and re-arm your life jacket before returning to the water. Explore our re-arm kits and find the right CO2 canister for your life jacket.