Bluestorm Inflatable Life Jackets for Fishing

Whether angling in a lake for bass or deep-sea fishing to reel in that elusive marlin, the need for safety, function and comfort are important when considering which fishing PFD to wear. When donning a U.S. Coast Guard-approved Bluestorm Gear life jacket, you will achieve each of those objectives in a precision-made product from a company that’s been putting safety first since 1935.

 Person wearing bluestorm life jacket while fishing and angling

How do I choose a life jacket for fishing?

Determining what the best fishing life vest is? There’s a variety of fishing PFD options to consider, from desired buoyancy to added features that may prove beneficial in performance. The water conditions you may face should also factor into your determination, based on where you enjoy angling.

Here is what to look for when choosing a life jacket for fishing:

  • Water conditions will be different if you fish inland versus the deep sea. If you prefer angling in the ocean, having an inflatable fishing life vest with high buoyancy is critical. If you stick inland, having a fishing PFD with a slimmer profile and lower buoyancy is likely the more practical choice.
  • A D-ring kill-switch attachment is a good built-in feature all our self-inflating life jackets for fishing include, helping keep you from losing your vessel if you go overboard.
  • Safety without the bulk is key. Bluestorm life jackets are engineered with lightweight materials and have features allowing for a better and more customizable fit, making them more practical for wearing than standard one-size-fits-all foam life jackets made by competitors.

All our life-saving fishing PFDs are precision-made with premium materials, helping ensure you have a durable product that’s meant to withstand the elements.

What type of PFD would a fisherman use?

Inflatable fishing life jackets from Bluestorm are terrific in that they are both safe and comfortable. It’s easy to forget you’re wearing one of our life jackets until you need it. 

If you like angling in the open ocean, or in big lakes and open bodies of water, wearing a Type II PFD is recommended. This way, if you are tossed into the water, your fishing PFD is engineered to turn you right-side up upon water impact. Lower buoyancy Type III to V models are sufficient for adults to wear when fishing inland.

What makes Bluestorm PFDs the best inflatable life jackets for fishing?

Our passion for life on the water keeps your passion safer and stronger. Every fishing PFD we manufacture has been crafted with care and is U.S. Coast Guard tested and approved. Our assumption is anything can and will happen, so we prepare accordingly to protect you, should the worst occur. 

We also go beyond safety and durability, optimizing each life jacket for comfort and performance, so that when you’re reeling in that big fish the last thing you will think about is being uncomfortable in your life jacket.

What Bluestorm self-inflating life jackets are the best for fishing?

For angling in streams, lakes, rivers, and along the shore, Bluestorm recommends using the Cirrus 26 life jacket for fishing. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and has an ultra-slim chassis. Even though it’s a Type V PFD, it performs like a Type III model and will inflate upon water immersion.

Our inflatable life jackets suitable for deep water fishing are the Stratus 35, Atmos 40 and Arcus 40. Each are Type II inflatable fishing life jackets that will turn you face up if you are tossed in the water, but the Atmos 40 and Arcus 40 have 40 pounds of buoyancy instead of 35. These life jackets each have breathable mesh features, though the Atmos 40 has memory foam back padding to boost comfort, and the Arcus 40 was designed to help protect the toughest professionals on the water.

The Bluestorm Classic and The Sportsman, our Type III foam life jackets for fishing, are the other premium fishing PFDs we offer. The Classic has adjustable shoulders allowing the vest to sit higher or lower on your body, a soft-touch collar, vented back panel, breathable liner and pockets meant for holding fishing tackle and other gear. The Sportsman has even more storage for tackle and fishing gear, with mesh shoulders making The Sportsman also suitable for kayakers.