Bluestorm’s high-performance self-inflating life vests can prepare you for anything on land or in the water. These inflatable PFD designs are perfect for forgetting about until the moment you need them. Whether you’re hiking onshore or wading in the water, our self-inflating life vests have a dry, lightweight design that doesn’t rub, scratch, itch or irritate your skin.

Explore our Atmos 40, Stratus 35, Cirrus 26 and Arcus 40 inflatable PFD collections to find the best fit for you. With innovative safety features and optimal comfort, you won’t want to take yours off.
  • Cirro 26
    Cirro 26
    Apex Black
  • Atmos 40
    Atmos 40
    Apex Black
  • Cirrus 26
    Cirrus 26
    Apex Black
  • Stratus 35
    Stratus 35
    Apex Black
  • Arcus 40
    Arcus 40
    HD Orange
  • KRYPTEK Stratus 35
    KRYPTEK Stratus 35
    Apex Black
  • KRYPTEK Arcus 40
    KRYPTEK Arcus 40
    HD Orange
  • KRYPTEK Atmos 40
    KRYPTEK Atmos 40
    Apex Black
  • KRYPTEK Cirrus 26
    KRYPTEK Cirrus 26
    Apex Black

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