Shipping is Tough Right Now

If we had it our way, you’d get your Bluestorm gear as soon as you submitted your order. Unfortunately, we don’t have it our way. The Covid-19 pandemic has led many people to spend more time outdoors to safely enjoy all nature has to offer. It has also significantly slowed down global shipping and manufacturing, causing an industry-wide shortage of products, and sadly that includes the supplies needed to make our PFDs and Re-Arm Kits

We’re committed to the excellent service our customers know us for, so please hang tight with us. Not only are we seeing shipping taking longer on our side, domestic shipping has also taken a hit due to the pandemic. It may take a little bit longer than usual to get your Bluestorm products, but be assured they are coming! It remains our goal to ship orders the same day as they’re purchased.

Thank you for your patience, and as always, thank you for choosing Bluestorm.