The Best Inflatable Life Jackets for Any Recreation

There’s a lot to experience and be challenged by while on the water. Bluestorm Gear wants to keep you protected and comfortable, regardless of water activity or conditions. All our recreational life jackets have been U.S. Coast Guard tested and approved, and we manufacture Type II through V life jackets to offer a range in function and selection, no matter your recreational activity.




Person wearing bluestorm life jacket for outdoor recreation

Built for all water conditions

For more than 85 years, Bluestorm has been making life-saving life jackets suitable for various recreational activities, including general boating, angling, sailing, paddling and more. Fueled by our passion for the water, all our life jackets are precision-made and inspected, ensuring top quality as you prepare to face a range of water conditions, which Bluestorm has accounted for.


Offshore deepwater excursions present a range of safety challenges that require a durable life jacket, even when planning for just recreational activities. Type II inflatable PFDs—like our Atmos 40 and Stratus 35—make for excellent life jackets for many water offshore activities, as they will inflate upon water immersion.

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Inland adventures offer a range of experiences, so it’s good to prepare by wearing a recreational life jacket that offers innovative safety features, comfort and bonus utility so that you can enjoy your outing. In addition to the Stratus 35, Bluestorm recommends the Cirrus 26, a Type V inflatable PFD with Type III performance, for inland use.

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No matter your recreation, expect high performance out of your life vest

Anticipate high performance no matter the Bluestorm life jacket you choose. All our life jackets are made with precision, ensuring the best quality. Each life jacket is comfortable to wear so it won’t get in the way of you enjoying your excursion, like when you’re reeling in a big fish or adjusting the sail of your boat to account for changing wind conditions. And should the worst occur, rest easy knowing you are protected wearing a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket.


Bluestorm recommends the Cirrus 26 and Stratus 35 for freshwater angling. The Bluestorm Classic Type III foam life jacket also performs great for angling, as it includes extra features making it a luxury for those who enjoy fishing. If you’re ambitious and like deep-sea adventures, you’ll want the extra buoyancy and utility of the Atmos 40, helping account for the dangerous conditions you could face.

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A lot can go wrong on the water when canoeing, kayaking, or paddleboarding. Water conditions can change fast, making it vital to have the best life jacket for paddle sports. Wearing a PFD such as the Cirrus 26, with its slim profile, will provide the protection you need and will go a long way in boosting fun and safety. The Stratus 35 is also a terrific recreational life jacket, as it’s engineered to turn most wearers face up upon water impact.

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If sailing is your recreation of choice, wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved Type II or Type V inflatable life jacket from Bluestorm. With 26 lbs or more of buoyancy in each of our recreational life jackets engineered for sailing, our inflatable PFDs boast up to twice the buoyancy of standard foam life jackets without having any of the bulk.

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Find your recreational Bluestorm life jacket of choice

Whether it’s a Type II or Type V life jacket you’re looking for, or 26 lbs of buoyancy or 40, all U.S. Coast Guard-approved Bluestorm life vests are made with precision and have been individually inspected. Before shipping your inflatable life jacket, know it will be inflated for 24 hours to ensure product safety and quality. We also feature a range of color options to ensure you get a recreational life jacket that matches your spirit and aesthetic for life on the water.

Check out all our premium life jackets, made by Bluestorm’s passionate crew that have been putting safety first since 1935.