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Color: Max 5 camo

CHEST SIZE: 30 to 56 inches

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For those looking for comfortable protection at a comfortable price. This USCG-approved inflatable life jacket offers superior safety features that are industry-standard. Along with its lightweight design and high-level comfort, the Stratus 35 exceeds all outdoor activity expectations and can be worn all day long. Designed for individuals 16 and older. Great for fishing, sailing, kayaking and general boating.


This USCG-approved Type 2 apex black inflatable life jacket inflates when immersed in water. The design is built to fold flat and conform to the shape of your body inside and outside of the water, with 2” wide waist belt and large adjustment slider to ensure a secure, comfortable fit for all-day wear. Its moisture-free design features an ultra-breathable soft polyester collar that prevents chafing and reduces moisture around the neck, so you can enjoy your activities without risking your well-being.


  • This life jacket is categorized as a Type 2 personal floating device, meaning it is designed to turn most wearers face-up in water
  • 35 lbs of buoyancy, conformed to USCG standards and almost twice the buoyancy of a foam lifejacket but without all the bulk
  • Compatible with Stratus 35 Re-Arm Kit
  • Adjusts to fit chest sizes between 30" and 56”
  • If not automatically inflated, this inflatable life jacket will manually inflate by grasping the inflation pull tab and pulling sharply downward
  • To inflate orally, access the inflation tube by opening the top portion of the cover, remove the dust cap, and blow air into the tube until the inflatable is firm


  • This personal flotation device relies on inflatable chambers that supply buoyancy when inflated by a CO2 cylinder
  • Each Bluestorm PFD purchase includes everything you need straight from the box, all you have to do is install the included CO2 canister to arm your device
  • Additional CO2 cartridges and re-arm kits can be purchased as needed

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