Cirro 26
Cirro 26
Cirro 26
Cirro 26
This is an image of the Bluestorm CIRRUS 26 Apex Black Inflatable Life Jacket inflated
This is an image of a CIRRUS 26 Inflatable Life Jacket bladder and auto inflator

Inflatable PFD

Cirro 26

Apex Black Inflatable Life Jacket

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Apex Black

Looking for lightweight protection that’s not heavy on your wallet, the Cirro26 is perfect for you. This lifejacket offers the quality, safety, and performance you expect from Bluestorm® in a basic but comfortable lifejacket. This U.S. Coast Guard-approved Type V inflatable PFD reliably delivers 26 pounds of buoyancy that automatically activates when submerged underwater. Great for fishing, kayaking, sailing, and general boating.

Automatic Type V Inflatable PFD

This USCG-approved Type V Inflatable PFD with Type III performance automatically inflates when immersed in water or manually inflates with a tug of the T-cord. The long shell design and soft flat profile allow the secure waist belt to rest in a low and comfortable position.

Automatic Inflatable PFD Features

  • THIS US COAST GUARD-APPROVED TYPE-V INFLATABLE PFD WITH TYPE III PERFORMANCE inflates automatically upon water immersion via replaceable CO2 cylinder or manual with “Jerk to Inflate” T-cord.
  • D-RING KILL SWITCH ATTACHMENT allows your kill switch to be attached to at all times, ensuring your boat won’t run away from you if you end up in the water.
  • ADJUSTS TO FIT chest sizes between 30” and 56”
  • 26 LBS OF BUOYANCY: almost twice the minimum buoyancy rating than Type III foam vest PFDs.

 Included In All Cirro 26 Purchases

  • This personal flotation device relies on an inflatable chamber that supply buoyancy when inflated by a CO2 cylinder
  • Each Bluestorm PFD purchase includes everything you need straight from the box, all you have to do is install the included CO2 canister to arm your device
  • Additional CO2 cartridges and re-arm kits can be purchased as needed

Product Manual

Cirro 26 Product Manual Download


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